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I'm Amanda and I'm an Architect and Artist. Architecture- professionally, Art- when I'm feeling inspired.

After several years of professional practice at different architectural offices I've learnt that other than my technical and design knowledge, my strongest contribution to the design process is throughout my managing and coordinating skills. I've completed the Intern Development Program and now I'm taking the American Architectural Registration Exams. It takes a great deal of dedication and time but personal development brings me much satisfaction.

As for art, I prefer not to take it too seriously; my goal is to create objects and to arrange spaces for my audience's amusement. My philosophy about art is that there is too much seriousness encompassing our lives that there is no need to bring it into art. My purpose is merely to make you smile.

Healthy living, baking, traveling and reading are some of my greatest interests. I am also learning the polish language, which is considered as one of the most difficult languages. But, impossible is nothing :)