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X 2001 – III 2007

Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning
Gliwice, Poland
Master of Science (Engineer) Architect.
Master’s Thesis: [ The Incubator of Art and Craftsmanship: Adaptation project for the “Ludwik” coal mining buildings in Zabrze for the centre of art, design and entertainment ]. Grade of Master’s Thesis – top marks.

IX 1997 – VI 2001

V Jan Strug’s High School, Gliwice, Poland
Emphasis – Foreign Languages.
High School Finals – Top marks in mathematics and English language.

IX 1993 – VI 2001

1st and 2nd Degree State Music School, Gliwice, Poland
Instruments – Bassoon and piano + choir.
2nd Degree Certificate – Top marks in performance and music theory.


IX 2009 - I 2010
Novak Design Group PLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Architectural Assistant

Oak Hill Jackson Brickstone (affordable housing), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA: $18M
Building A: 75,500 ft2
Building B: 68,400 ft2

- Developed and refined schematic design documents.
- Reviewed and evaluated the project in the context of relevant local and federal building codes, including ADA requirements.
- Assisted in the coordination and integration of consultant documents including structural, mechanical, and plumbing systems.
- Collaborated in the preparation of an accurate and consistent set of architectural construction documents.

VII 2008 – III 2009
Oberlanders Architects LLP, Edinburgh, Scotland
Part II Architectural Assistant

Office Extension for Select (commercial), Edinburgh: 950m2 / £3M

- Prepared information and drawings for building warrant.
- Identifying conflicts between consultants and coordinating the work in resolving these issues.
- Participated in monthly design team meetings.
- Developing building warrant drawings to achieve tender and construction packages.

Slaterford Road (mixed residential / retail), Edinburgh: 7130m2 / £-NA

- Feasibility for the Planning submission design for residential housing scheme.
- Developed computer generated model, renderings and visualizations for client brochure.
- Produced plans, sections and elevations for planning submission.

The University of Edinburgh Extension Centre for Sport & Exercise: 1705m2 / £3.4M

-Developed plans, sections, elevations and detailed drawings for building warrant, tender and construction stages.

IX 2007 – VII 2008
Susan Stephen Architects Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland
Part II Architectural Assistant

Shortbread House (residential), Edinburgh: 1324m2 / £3.75M

- Produced drawings, 3d models and the design brochure for the client.
- Prepared documents for planning submission (successful).
- Developed plans, sections and elevations for building warrant.

Port Edgar Mixed Use Masterplan, Edinburgh: Area Not Specified / £-NA

- Collaborated in the feasibility design for the master plan scheme of the Firth of Forth Port, including site analysis and scheme design.
- Produced master plan proposal, computer generated model, renderings and visualizations for a client presentation.

74 Inverleith Place (house extension), Edinburgh: 128m2 / £200k

- Planning submission design for a new kitchen, dining, lounge, en-suite bedroom and utility room to an existing residential unit.
- Produced plans, sections, elevations and documents and forms for planning submission.

Ferry Toll Road (residential), Rosyth: 3820m2 / £3.9M

- Planning submission design for residential housing scheme.
- Produced plans, sections and elevations for planning submission.(successful)

IX 2006 – III 2007
Town Planning, Design and Architecture, Boguslaw Witkowski
Braine L’Alleud, Belgium
Architectural Assistant

Single Dwelling House for Mr. Piotr Ignaczak:

- Drafted documents for the feasibility phase incorporating relevant building regulations.
- Prepared quantity calculations for selected materials for cost analysis.
- Participated in discussions with the client regarding project scope, quality and cost during design development phase.
- Prepared plans, elevation and sections conveying the design.

Terraced House Extension for Mrs. Thi Thanh Hang Bui:

- Researched and documented existing constructed conditions.
- Prepared presentation drawings for the client.
- Incorporated and coordinated existing site conditions during the planning phase.


II 2010
L7 Salon Logo Design. Info:

I 2010
HeadSpam Logo Design. Info:

IX 2009
Think Outside the Parking Box Design Competition. Theme: LookUp.
project shortlisted

I 2007
06 Skyscraper Architectural Competition. Theme: Chlorophyll City.
Info: – group entry

XI 2006
Hobart Waterfront International Competition. Theme: Hobart Songlines.
Info: – group entry

VIII 2006
Bathroom Design Competition. Category: Bathroom for the Young Couple.
Organizer: Villa periodical. Info: – group entry

VI 2006
Design Contest for the Public Toilet in Hel Peninsula.
Organizer: Sanitec Kolo. Info: – group entry

VI 2006
Hydromassage Control Panel Design.
Organizer: Spa-Art - group entry.

IV 2006
National Open Design Competition for the Project of Furtniture to Living and Dining Room.
Organizer: Fornit. Info: - group entry.
First prize

IV 2005
UN Logo Design Contest: UNCCD

I 2005
Poster competition. Theme: Alarm for Biodiversity.
Organizer: The Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

III 2005
Poster Competition. Theme: Rozni ale Rowni (Different but Equal)
Organizer: The Jagiellonian University ad Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

XII 2004
Nokia phone design competition.
Organizer: Twoj Styl periodical. Info:

X 2004
Destination Point. Public Transport in 2020. Logo Design Competition.
Second place in final

XI 2004
Polish Alphabet poster competition.
Organizer: Polsko-Niemiecka Wspolpraca Mlodziezy.

XII 2002
Design for All Poster Competition.
Organizer: SARP-Association of Polish Architects – group entry.
Work published in the 2004 sarp calendar.


Polish – Native
English – Fluent
French – Intermediate
Italian – Intermediate
German – Basic


2D Design Programs:
- AutoCAD (intermediate)
- Microstation (advanced)
- ArchiCad (basic)
- Corel Draw
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

3D Modeling and Rendering:
- SketchUp Pro
- 3D Studio Max
- Kerkythea
- V-Ray


Jim Novak
Novak Design Group PLC.
3801 River Ridge Drive NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
United States of America
Tel: 001 3193939334

Andrew Wilmot
Oberlanders Architects LLP
16 Melville Street
Edinburgh, EH3 7NS
United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 1312259070

Gordon Beaton
Susan Stephen Architects Ltd.
4 Melville Crescent
Edinburgh, EH3 7JA
United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 1312203003

Boguslaw Wikowski
Town Planning, Design and Architecture
Avenue Jacques Brel 13
1420 Braine L’Alleud
Tel: 0032 23871268