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name: Think Outside the Parking Box.
theme: Look Up
date: IX 2009
name: 06 Skyscraper Architectural Competition.
theme: Chlorophyll City
date: I 2007
name: Hobart Waterfront International Competition.
theme: Hobart Songlines.
date: XI 2006
name: Bathroom Design Competition.
theme: Bathroom for the Young Couple.
date: VIII 2006
name: Design Competition for the Public Toilet in Hel Peninsula.
date: VI 2006
name: Spa-art. 2006 Hydromassage Control Panel.
date: VI 2006
name: National Open Design Competition for the Project of Furtniture to Living Room and Dining Room.
category: living room.
date: IV 2006
Logo Design Competitions:
L7 Salon: date: II 2010
HeadSpam: date: I 2010
The International Year of Deserts and Desertification. date: IV 2005
Destination Point: Public Transport in 2020. date: X 2004
Poster Design Competitions:
Różni ale Równi (Different But Equal). date: III 2005.
Alarm for Biodiversity. date: I 2005
Polish Alphabet. date: IX 2004.
Design For All. date: XII 2002.
Other Design Competitions:
HP Printed Design. date: IV 2005.
Nokia Phone Design. date: XII 2004.